Strategic Planning for Your Future

GoGo Graves Consulting helps you set the tone and the course for your company.

Whether you’re in San Francisco, San Rafael or San Antonio, we’ll propel you with our positive strategic planning process, Appreciative Inquiry. Colgate-Palmolive and Facebook use AI to keep surging forward. And we put it to work for clients such as State Room Brewery, inGamba (luxury biking tours) and the Charles Hotel.

In this inclusive approach, we guide your team in articulating a vision, as well as pinpointing areas for evolution and growth. How do we do it? A step-by-step method to either revisit and rejuvenate your existing strategic plan or create an entirely new customized version.

The Appreciative Inquiry process

Our AI approach is a cooperative search for the best in your people and organization. Clients tell us it’s a pleasure to examine previous successes and identify strengths. It helps you forge a clear direction for the future.

The productive steps we’ll take together:

Discover – We explore the best of what is and what gives your people and company life. Let’s appreciate and celebrate the powers and assets you have.

Dream – Here, we imagine what’s clearly possible. And what might be… We enjoy a creative envisioning of what’s happening 3, 5 and 10 years from now.

Design – This phase helps you determine the ideal you’re aiming for—what should be. We guide you in co-constructing how to achieve the dream. When you do this on your own it’s powerful, but as a group it’s brilliant!

Deploy – Now we formulate what you’ll do, learn and improvise. This includes recognizing what empowers people to act and allows them to contribute to delivering on the dreams.

Reality check

Of course, many of us are resistant to change. But with a well-developed, collaboratively designed plan to follow, transformation can be delightful as well as profitable.

GoGo Graves steers you in creating a roadmap of short-, mid- and long-term plans that your team can enthusiastically get behind.

Let’s talk and see if we’re a good fit.

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