Change Management Services

How we work

Bring our constructive discovery, planning and transformation to your company via:

  • workshops
  • meeting or retreat facilitation
  • ongoing guidance – minimum 6-month term
  • project-based engagement

See below for our change management services for companies in California and beyond.

Leadership & Culture Development

Knowledgeable, effective leaders multiply their value to the company when they can also inspire those around them. Inspiration comes in many forms, so we help executives recognize and amplify the strengths that will move others. Learn the foundations of leading, including positive ways to: create a cooperative team set expectations…


Operations Management Consulting

Our Bay Area operations management clients come to us when they’re feeling immense pressure. And we respond with great empathy and practical, collaborative support. Do any of these common situations sound familiar? Cash flow in crisis Unfilled management positions Costly turnover Stuck and need a fresh start Take a deep…


Strategic Planning for Your Future

GoGo Graves Consulting helps you set the tone and the course for your company. Whether you’re in San Francisco, San Rafael or San Antonio, we’ll propel you with our positive strategic planning process, Appreciative Inquiry. Colgate-Palmolive and Facebook use AI to keep surging forward. And we put it to work…