Turnover — The Invisible Line on Your P&L

September, 26th, 2018 at 2:24 pm

One critical, but invisible line on the P&L doesn’t have a specific GL code. But it’s there, costing businesses millions every year.

It’s turnover!

And what causes turnover? The obvious things–the employee is overworked and underpaid. Not recognized for their contributions. Sees no opportunity to advance. Has conflicts with their manager.

But don’t forget another big one. A negative company culture.

I’m fascinated by what it takes to create, modify, maintain or radically change culture in organizations.

I’ve just finished my certification in the art of Appreciative Inquiry. Through Jon Berghoff’s Flourishing Leadership Institute course, I’ve learned how to build culture through supportive and encouraging questions.

I’m excited and inspired by this work and you can bet I’m already using these extraordinary techniques with my clients (not to mention my family and friends!).

Business built on love and trust

One of Jon’s many suggested books is the Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey. It’s so full of wisdom that I’ve covered my copy with highlights and notes.

Today I opened it and the first line reads, “Is it possible to build a business on love and trust instead of fear and stress?”

Yes, it is…

Teams I’ve worked with have created a joyful atmosphere where you can’t help but think, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

Company culture sets the tone

A poor culture costs you real money. The resulting turnover means you’re constantly hiring and training which hurts product quality, customer experiences, team member morale and inflates payroll costs.

Your culture, made up of individuals’ words, actions and body language, carries so much weight in the workplace. I help people understand this power and how to use it positively.

Is it time to review your company’s culture? Let us help you take an objective look and reinvigorate your team.

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