How to Motivate Your Team With Great Questions

October, 30th, 2018 at 12:36 am

Motivation is a key topic to me both professionally and personally. Whenever I find myself lacking in motivation I ask myself why.

Because I’m an avid journaler, I can look back and see patterns in my feelings and behaviors. So I know that when I hesitate to take risks or try new things, the consistent cause is fear. And fear is nothing more than my ego taking center stage.

When I share this concept with teams, communities, schools and businesses, the results are amazing. As we go deeper, people realize that although fear is universal, really, what is there to fear?

Reset your state of mind

I present a variety of techniques to instantly step through the barriers of fear. For me, a cold shower, standing in a power pose, or screaming are all quick ways to completely reset my state of mind. By changing my outlook, I change my vibration and the higher my vibration the higher my confidence.

Other tricks I recommend to boost confidence are actually safe to practice at the workplace. I always feel empowered after readying testimonials from my clients, writing in my gratitude journal or just creating space to ask myself a better question.

Questions create our world

Thanks to the internet and Google, answers are a click away. Leaders who want to create value will challenge themselves to ask better questions.

What if you were to start your conversation with a purpose or high point question?

When we ask people to reflect on or tell a story of when they were at their best, their vibration or energy changes toward the positive. When our team is positive and full of energy, there is no stopping them. They’ll tackle anything you toss their way, which means you end up looking like a genius.

Motivate your team like an expert

You can inspire your team by creating positive daily routines and consistently sticking to them.

Try these meeting rituals:

  • schedule consistent meetings, whether weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • discuss recent wins
  • invite employees to explore times when work made them feel completely fulfilled and energized

I encourage you to give these simple rituals a try. You’ll create more productive and engaged team members.

For more easy ways to shift your meetings, conferences or summits from the old paradigm to the new, get in touch. We’ll get to work crafting powerful rituals to inspire your team.

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