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Leadership & Culture Development

Knowledgeable, effective leaders multiply their value to the company when they can also inspire those around them. Inspiration comes in many forms, so we help executives recognize and amplify the strengths that will move others. Learn the foundations of leading, including positive ways to: create a cooperative team set expectations…


Operations Management Consulting

Our Bay Area operations management clients come to us when they’re feeling immense pressure. And we respond with great empathy and practical, collaborative support. Do any of these common situations sound familiar? Cash flow in crisis Unfilled management positions Costly turnover Stuck and need a fresh start Take a deep…


Strategic Planning for Your Future

GoGo Graves Consulting helps you set the tone and the course for your company. Whether you’re in San Francisco, San Rafael or San Antonio, we’ll propel you with our positive strategic planning process, Appreciative Inquiry. Colgate-Palmolive and Facebook use AI to keep surging forward. And we put it to work…


The GoGo Graves Approach

Rick Graves comes to each project with a passion for developing people as well as profits.

“I help you clarify your vision,” says Rick. “Then we collaborate on planning, training and efficiency, to move you and your managers from goals on paper to actual achievements.”

Since 2015, Rick’s corporate and entrepreneurial clients have experienced dramatic increases in profit, some up to 300%. He’s also orchestrated cultural shifts to create loyal, motivated teams and paved the way for greater fulfillment and joy in their work.

Meet Rick Graves
  • Customer Review: Eric Harr

    Eric Harr

    Laudato si Challenge


    We made the right choice

    Of the many business consultants around the world, we chose Rick Graves, to coach and prepare the top 10 companies in The 2018 Laudato si Challenge — for their presentations in Vatican City.  Inspired by Pope Francis and selected by global judges, these companies were presenting bold and innovative solutions to leaders in the public, private, and faith sectors to scale their enterprises for the most significant possible impact on humanity.

    Rick performed under pressure, with utter professionalism, grace, and effectiveness.  All of the companies reported favorably on Rick’s process, content, and results.  Our Founding Partnership, which is admittedly very hard to please, could not have been more pleased with Rick’s involvement and outcomes.

    Rick doesn’t just guide the business; he governs the people.  He understands that business thrives when you bring people, purpose, and profits into harmony.

    On a personal note, Rick is a sterling individual and one of the most generous and kindhearted people I know.

  • Customer Review: Alexander Stricker

    Alexander Stricker

    Flatiron & Stateroom Brewery


    Hiring Rick — our most important unilateral move

    My wife and I had perfected what we called Zen management and were happy with the culture we had created. But we had little knowledge of the science of restaurant operations that Rick brings to daily policies and procedures.

    He has no ego and conveys his limitless knowledge by disarming you, teaching skills, building confidence, then applying just the right amount of pressure to move you forward again. We consider our decision to hire Rick the single most important unilateral move we have made in our five years of ownership.

  • Customer Review:  Wiliam Tinker

    Wiliam Tinker

    Restaurant Owner


    The essential tool for succeeding in the restaurant industry

    A perfect storm of conditions nearly ended the decade-long run of my four-restaurant concept in 2017.

    GoGo Graves Consulting effectively changed that in seven short months.

    Rick’s approach to motivating the current young restaurant workforce is brilliant! I am old school—do your job, bust your ass, take the win—that is lost on today’s workforce. Rick drives results based on adapting your management style to fit your employees’ individual personalities. He identifies non-performers and brings management teams together. GoGo Graves Consulting is the essential tool for anyone wanting to succeed in the restaurant industry.

  • Customer Review: Robin L. Kramer

    Robin L. Kramer

    Red Boot Consulting


    His workshop provided many aha moments

    Rick facilitated my first solo workshop and it far exceeded my expectations! He is that rare person who has a balanced right brain/left brain approach.

    A strong critical thinker whose goal is to understand one’s business objectives, Rick made sure that what I wanted to achieve with my workshop happened.

    By using creative and logical tactics, he kept the participants thoroughly engaged. Rick also offered thought-provoking activities that provided many aha moments for participants (and me). He truly is the ultimate facilitator and trainer, garnering respect and showcasing the talents of each person there. Plus his smart wit and sunny personality make him just plain fun to be around.

  • Customer Review: Alicia Klein

    Alicia Klein

    HeadsUp Foundation


    An inflection point

    Our organization was at an inflection point with growing revenue and a manifest desire to think about what we would need to really take us to the next level. In addition, we had been messaging in a particular way for quite a while. We needed a reset of both our thinking about where we want to go and how we best communicate who we are and what we do. We turned to Rick to facilitate our board retreat. His strategic-thinking abilities and skilled listening upfront allowed him to guide a core group as we articulated an engagement plan that led to a highly productive retreat. We answered key questions and developed a new focus for our messaging; at the same time, the event fostered a renewed sense of purpose and commitment among all our board members.

  • Customer Review: James & Mila Hahn

    James & Mila Hahn

    Sunflower Caffe & Mint and Liberty Diner


    Contributions at all levels

    Thank you for all your wonderful contributions to our companies over the past year. We’ve seen a vast improvement in efficiency thanks to the streamlined processes you suggested and are confident things will run smoothly as the companies continue to grow. Mint and Liberty has been a great success so far, and we couldn’t have done it without your help.

    We really appreciate your guidance, and will never forget the time you spent with us to help maximize our potential not only as a company but as individuals as well.


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